Robert Mueller is investigating Trump-Russia election rigging in Michigan and Wisconsin. Here’s why.

Last night we received arguably the most significant news yet in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal: he’s probing how the Trump campaign, the Republican Party, and Russia conspired to alter the outcome of the election in Michigan and Wisconsin. Why these two swing states? Why not other suspicious swing states? Perhaps he’s targeting those as well. But Michigan and Wisconsin are now confirmed – and based on what’s already publicly known, it’s for good reason.

The report first came from New York Magazine last night that Mueller is indeed investigating how Trump, the RNC and Russia rigged these two states (link). So let’s take a look at what we already know about what went down in Michigan and Wisconsin. While the polls were generally correct on a national level, they were wildly and suspiciously off in these two states. There was no reason for anyone to expect that Trump had any chance to win in either state. Yet at least two of the people running Trump’s campaign somehow knew otherwise.

Just before election day, months after Trump had fired him, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort called up Trump and told him to go campaign in Michigan, according to a Bloomberg report (link). Why? No one knows. But we’ve since learned that Manafort was so deeply and illegally connected to Russia, he’s now awaiting trial for charges including Conspiracy Against the United States.

Did Russia tell Manafort that it was rigging Michigan for Trump? Did Manafort then tell Trump to go campaign there at the last minute, as cover for when he magically “won” the state? Keep in mind that Trump spent his time in Michigan targeting black voters, who were obviously never going to vote for him. This wasn’t an attempt at winning any votes. It was an attempt at creating a plausible explanation for an illegitimate victory in the state. But this was just the beginning.

Well before election day, Steve Bannon privately told someone at the Hollywood Reporter that he knew Trump would win Michigan (link). So Trump’s campaign chairman and his campaign CEO both somehow “knew” Trump would win a state that by any possible measure, he appeared to have no chance of winning. It gets uglier.

Back in February of 2017, Palmer Report first reported that a computer server at Trump Tower, which was set up to only communicate with a small number of outside targets, was in communication with Russia and a health care company in Michigan. That health care company is controlled by the DeVos family. After Trump inexplicably won Michigan, Trump named Betsy DeVos his Secretary of Education (link). What was being transmitted from Russia, to Trump Tower, and then to Trump’s allies in Michigan?

Why did the Republican-controlled states of Michigan and Wisconsin work so feverishly to prevent the attempted recounts from reaching completion? The Detroit News reported that eighty-seven voting machines mysteriously broke on election day in Detroit, a city where Hillary Clinton dominated (link). Wisconsin also had a long series of unexplained oddities during its own recount, ranging from multiple Republican officials blaming vote total errors on modems, to broken seals on voting machines, to bizarre antics by recount workers.

New York Magazine is reporting that Robert Mueller is investigating the role of the Donald Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee in helping the Russians to target specific voters in Michigan and Wisconsin with fake news online. Based on everything that Palmer Report has been reporting and compiling about Michigan and Wisconsin over the past year, we suspect Mueller is investigating a whole lot more in those two states. He may be on his way to not only proving that Trump and Russia tried to rig the election, but that they did rig the election.