Robert Mueller fires yet another warning shot at Donald Trump and his people

All along, the entire point of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has been to prove that Trump was in on his campaign’s conspiracy with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor. Mueller has charged and arrested a number of Trump’s people, with plenty more to come – but these moves are all in the name of getting to Trump himself. Now it turns out Mueller has the proof he needs, and he’s firing yet another warning shot at Trump and his people.

Over the weekend we saw Mueller reveal that he’s secretly been in possession of the Trump transition team emails all along. He hasn’t been interviewing Trump’s people to learn what was in those emails; he’s been interviewing them to catch them illegally lying about what’s in those emails. Mueller was sending a clear warning shot to Trump’s people: ‘If you can’t stop Trump from firing me, I can have a bunch of you arrested before he can even complete the firing process.” Now Mueller is taking yet another warning shot.

This time Mueller is revealing another piece of the puzzle through the media. He’s revealing that since this fall, he’s had proof that Donald Trump has known since January that Michael Flynn committed a crime by conspiring with Russia during the transition period. The proof: White House Counsel Don McGahn was researching the Logan Act during the very first days Trump was in office, because he knew Flynn had violated it, according to Foreign Policy (link). More importantly, McGahn told Trump early on that Flynn had broken the law.

This means, without any shadow of a doubt, that Donald Trump not only knew Michael Flynn was conspiring with the Russians during the transition period, he knew Flynn was illegally conspiring with the Russians. This easily proves Trump guilty of obstruction of justice. It also puts McGahn at legal risk. Did he tell the truth during his interview with Mueller a few weeks ago? In any case, Mueller’s message to Trump and his people is more clear than ever: don’t even think about letting Trump try to fire me, because I have all of you nailed.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report