Donald Trump hires new attorney who once lost a case to Preet Bharara, then cursed out a camera man

In a sign of just how serious the criminal investigation into Donald Trump has become, he’s hired yet another attorney to personally represent him in the matter. And in a sign of how difficult it’s been for the erratic Trump to find attorneys willing to represent him, his latest hire is someone whose past behavior while on the job has been documented to have been just as erratic as Trump’s own behavior.

Donald Trump has hired attorney John Dowd, who once represented insider trading defendant Raj Rajaratnam. The United States Attorney prosecuting Rajaratnam just happened to be Preet Bharara, whom Trump fired without cause or explanation earlier this year. At one point during the Rajaratnam trial, Dowd seemed to sense that things weren’t going well for his side, and he sent an email to a journalist which accused him of “whoring” on Bharara’s behalf (link). And then after Bharara won that case on all counts, Dowd obscenely took out his frustrations on a camera man.

Here’s how Trump’s new attorney responded to a CNBC reporter after the trial, which involved everything from the F word to the middle finger:

For his part, Preet Bharara has posted both of the above items about John Dowd to his own official Twitter account, stating “This is how new Trump lawyer John Dowd behaved when his client was convicted on all counts. Worth a look.” Meanwhile Trump’s other recently hired attorney Mark Kasowitz is pushing ethics boundaries by giving White House staffers the bad advice not to hire their own attorneys to represent them in the scandal (link). And Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen just hired an attorney of his own to represent him in the scandal. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to tweet the kind of self incriminating things that no attorney can protect him from.

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