Did Robert Mueller just nail Trey Gowdy with secret Trump-Russia emails?

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Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy is one of the most opportunistically and dishonestly hyper-partisan scoundrels in all of Congress. So it wasn’t surprising to see that he was involved in the GOP’s plot this week to create a fake scandal about Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What was surprising was how much Gowdy seemed to have riding on it, as if his own career and future somehow depended on smearing Mueller’s reputation. Now it turns out it just might.

On Saturday night we learned that all along, Mueller has secretly been sitting on every email that the Donald Trump transition team sent and received. That’s around fifty thousand emails in total. We already know that Michael Flynn was keeping the transition team in the loop about his conspiracy with the Russian Ambassador. We don’t yet know which specific individuals on the transition team were party to that information. But that information made those individuals participants in a criminal conspiracy, and they could be looking at prison time. Guess which pointy-headed Republican Congressman was on the Trump transition team?

That’s right, Trey Gowdy was on Donald Trump’s transition team. Why? No one was sure at the time. Gowdy spent years spreading vicious nonstop lies about Hillary Clinton in the hope of helping a Republican win the White House, but he wasn’t exactly known to have been a Trump confidante during the campaign. However, Trump only appoints people to those kinds of positions if he’s planning to use them for something underhanded, or he’s already criminally involved with them.

So now we come to the essential question: was Trey Gowdy one of the Trump transition team members who knew about Michael Flynn’s criminal antics with Russia? If so, do the emails prove it? We don’t know any of those answers yet, but Robert Mueller clearly knows, and Gowdy sure knows. If he’s recently been tipped off that Mueller has those emails, it might help explain why he’s suddenly become so desperate to get rid of Mueller.

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