Tom Arnold says “the right people” now have Donald Trump’s racist Apprentice tapes

During the 2016 election, actor Tom Arnold and others asserted that they’d seen video of Donald Trump saying grotesquely racist things while on the set of The Apprentice. But no one could access the video because it was locked down by a time-limited password, and the matter ended up being largely forgotten. Now, however, Arnold is speaking up about the video and he seems to be offering hope that it’ll surface.

Tom Arnold spent today hammering away on Twitter at Donald Trump and his white supremacist supporters. This led one of Arnold’s followers to reply by saying “You do realize it’s the perfect time for the Trump apprentice rants to be ‘stolen’ and leaked, right? Do it sir!” Arnold then responded by saying “The right people have everything. I’m ‘too emotional’ to handle things correctly.” (link). This led another follower to reply “Many have access to the Trump tapes. Access to b-roll isn’t the problem, it’s (1) tons of security cameras, (2) no way to not be caught.” Arnold responded “Dudes already bragged about walking in on naked teens (Miss Universe WME owns tape) it’s just ‘locker room talk’ compared to what’s coming.”

If these racist Apprentice tapes are indeed finally headed to the public view, they’d be arriving at the worst possible time for Donald Trump. Over the weekend his Nazi and white supremacist supporters held a violent rally in Charlottesville which culminated in a vehicular terrorist attack that killed an innocent woman. Suddenly, political moderates are finally coming around to agreeing with liberals that Trump is dangerously racist. The arrival of video showing Donald Trump saying racial slurs would help to cement the view that’s already hardening.


So it appears to be merely a matter of when, and not if, the Apprentice tapes will be successfully decrypted by “the right people.” In the mean time, Tom Arnold – who says he voted for Hillary Clinton – is continuing to rip Donald Trump and his supporters to shreds on Twitter.

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