Everyone piles on after Donald Trump’s teeth appear to fall out during speech

Donald Trump gave a nationally televised speech on Wednesday in which he announced the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It was a blatantly timed attempt at provoking a war in the Middle East, as he desperately tries to create a distraction from his worsening Russian treason scandal. Instead, most people ended up focusing on the fact that Trump’s teeth appeared to fall out during the speech. No, really.

While Trump was giving his speech, he began slurring his words rather severely. That slurring kept getting worse until he ended his speech by saying what sounded like “God blesh the United Shesh.” The whole time, it looked like his teeth were moving around in his mouth, which led many to wonder if his dentures had come loose. There’s no shame in a seventy-one year old man having dentures, but it sure goes a long way toward proving that he’s been flat broke for years, or else he’d have implants. In any case, the hashtag #DentureDonald began trending on Twitter as people piled on.

The Daily Show quipped “Forget the Mueller investigation, we need a molar investigation.” One hashtag user suggested that “Trump wanted to take a bite out of crime but couldn’t stand the pain of biting himself.” Someone else yelled “Fake teeth, fake president.” Yet another referenced the “United Stesh” line by saying that “you’re not allowed to be president of a country you can’t pronounce.”

Some other observers believe Donald Trump wasn’t having a denture problem, but was instead suffering from cotton mouth due to being high on drugs, and they’re pointing to his constant sniffing during the speech as evidence. Still others believe they witnessed Trump having a minor stroke during the speech. It’s worth noting that Trump’s tweeting has dropped way off during the past two days, which does add some credence to the theory that he may have suffered something catastrophic.