Things close in on Donald Trump: Jared Kushner named “person of interest” in Russia investigation

The investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is now formally targeting a current White House official who is said to be close to Donald Trump, meaning that the probe has officially entered the stage where it’s targeting those still at Trump’s side. While the newspaper reporting this information isn’t naming the individual, another newspaper is confirming that it is in fact Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The “person of interest” in the Trump-Russia scandal is being described by the Washington Post (link) as a “senior White House adviser” which rules out those who are already known to be subjects, such as Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. In fact the description narrows it down to a very finite number of people, which led us to conclude that it’s Kushner.

But then The Independent took things further by confirming that it is in fact Kushner (link). This points to his involvement with the Russians having been far deeper than is already publicly known.

It’s already been exposed that Jared Kushner held secret meetings with the Russians in Trump Tower during the transition period, and that he went on to lie about those meetings when he filled out his White House clearance forms. But this new revelation points to Kushner having been involved in collusion with Russia during the election. As Palmer Report has previously reported, Kushner seemed to be involved with Trump Tower’s Russian server (link). And in any case, targeting Kushner means the investigation is moving in on Donald Trump himself.

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