Eric Trump’s stupidity may have just incriminated him in Donald Trump’s scandal

At a time when Donald Trump Jr is looking more guilty in his father’s scandals by the day, and Ivanka Trump is under increasing suspicion as well, their brother Eric Trump has had an opportunity to rebrand himself as the least stupid of the three siblings. But because the Trump kids never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, Eric has made an incredibly stupid move which may have incriminated himself in his father’s scandal.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Donald Trump was essentially skimming money from his son Eric Trump’s cancer charity, by charging it to use his golf courses for its tournaments. This put Eric behind the legal eight ball, because he had repeatedly told donors that the charity was receiving use of the golf courses for free. This led New York Attorney General Eric Scnheiderman to open an investigation into Eric Trump’s charity. In response, Eric has gone and made things even worse.

Eric Trump’s charity has responded to the investigation by once again hosting a golf tournament at one of Donald Trump’s golf courses, according to a report from The Hill (link). Even if Eric’s legal defense was going to be that he didn’t know his father was skimming from the charity, he’s gone and thrown that out the window by hosting yet another tournament at his father’s golf course after the scam was exposed.

Meanwhile Eric Trump has taken his own name off the Eric Trump Foundation, rebranding it as Curetivity, while removing himself from its board of directors. But the charity is still clearly his baby, as evidenced by its continued use of Donald Trump’s golf courses. Now we wait to see whether the State of New York is able to nail Eric, Donald, or both for scamming a kids’ cancer charity.

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