The real reason House Republicans are still using this idiot Steve Castor

House impeachment hearings resumed today, as the House Intelligence Committee presents its findings to the House Judiciary Committee. House Democrats are continuing to rely on counsel Daniel Goldman to present their case, after he proved his savvy during earlier hearings. House Republicans, who were utterly failed by counsel Steve Castor last time around, and now instead relying on… Steve Castor? Wait, that can’t be right.

Steve Castor may be good at other things in life. But when it comes to the specific task of arguing pro-Trump talking points in House impeachment proceedings, Castor is a complete idiot. In fairness, he has nothing to work with, as there is literally no evidence or testimony that helps Donald Trump’s case. But he’s proven to be so laughably bad at this, the Resistance is now rooting for him to start speaking and screw things up for the Republicans – if they can stand to get through his aggravating drivel without muting him. So why is he still there?

You’d think the House Republicans would go find someone else to take over the counsel role, right? But keep two things in mind. First, they know their entire case is nothing but dishonest drivel. They know they’re not going to change a single mind by pushing this crap. Why are they doing it? To keep Donald Trump happy. He hears this kind of gibberish bluster on television and thinks it somehow helps his case, because he’s that far removed from reality. So if Castor is still there, it’s because Trump stupidly wants him there.


Second, there’s a reason the House Democrats have been able to hire highly respected prosecutors like Daniel Goldman, Berry Berke, and Norm Ornstein, while the House Republicans are stuck with an unaccomplished bumbler like Steve Castor. What accomplished prosecutor would want to ruin their reputation by having to argue a weak and dishonest pro-Trump case in front of a televised national audience? Even if they tried to replace Castor, they’d have a hard time finding someone less terrible.

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