“Makes me sick”: LeBron James rips into Donald Trump yet again

Two days ago, LeBron James ripped into Donald Trump, calling him a “bum” while coming to the defense of his own biggest basketball rival, Steph Curry. LeBron found himself in front of the microphones today, and he was asked if he regretted his remarks. Instead, he seized the opportunity to expand on them while ripping into Trump even more thoroughly in the process.

LeBron’s original tweet read “U bum, Steph Curry already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!” (link). This came after Curry had said he wasn’t inclined to visit the White House as part of his team’s championship festivities, and Trump had responded by disinviting Curry. Today was media day for LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers, placing him in front of reporters to answer a variety of largely basketball related questions. But inevitably, he was asked about Trump and his “bum” remark.

James didn’t mince words. He said “He doesn’t understand the power that he has for being a leader of this beautiful country. He doesn’t understand how many kids, no matter the race, look up to the president of the United States for guidance, for leadership, for words of encouragement” (link). He went on to spell it out further: “What makes me more sick than anything, we are at a time where the most powerful position in the world has an opportunity to bring us closer together as a people and inspire the youth and put the youth at ease on saying that it is okay for me to walk down the street and not be judged because of the color of my skin or because of my race.” LeBron added that Trump “doesn’t care.”

Here’s what may be the most remarkable aspect: the biggest star in the NBA called the President of the United States a “bum” and there was essentially no pushback against him for it. That serves to demonstrate just how low Donald Trump has set the bar for the office of the President; most people agree that he is, in fact, a bum.

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