Robert Mueller is having an amazing seventy-two hours

Donald Trump is having arguably his most aggressive week yet, as he’s finally forcing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to (pretend to) go along with an investigation into how the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign’s crimes. This is an egregious abuse of power on Trump’s part, but it’ll go nowhere. The real story here is what’s prompted Trump to finally begin making aggressively reckless and risky moves, and why it’s Robert Mueller who’s having his best week yet.

Because of Trump’s latest antics, several key developments aren’t getting the proper attention. Michael Cohen’s business partner flipped on him today. Paul Manafort’s former son-in-law flipped on him over the weekend. Roger Stone went on Meet The Press on Sunday and confirmed that, based on what he’s gathered from the eight associates who have testified against him, he expects to be indicted and arrested. But it doesn’t matter that the media and the public aren’t paying full attention to these moves, because when it comes to plea deals, public pressure isn’t a factor.

Mueller’s entire gameplan consists of getting people to flip on Trump’s closest associates so they’ll flip on him, because that kind of insider testimony is ultimately what takes a kingpin like Trump down. That’s been historically true, whether the target is the CEO of a criminal corporation, or the boss of a mafia family.

Robert Mueller has already gotten two of Donald Trump’s close political associates, Michael Flynn and Rick Gates, to flip on Trump. Over the past few days he’s gained significant leverage for getting Trump’s campaign chairman Manafort, oldest friend Stone, and fixer Cohen to flip on him. These are the people who have the real dirt on Trump. It’s why Trump is suddenly making risky and stupid panic moves. He knows what’s coming next.

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