Seventeen people just resigned from Melania Trump’s committee in protest

Earlier this week so many business CEOs began resigning in protest from Donald Trump’s manufacturing advisory committee that it ended up deciding to disband entirely – only for Trump to claim an hour later that he had disbanded it. But it turns out Donald’s ongoing racist streak isn’t merely hurting his own committees. Today a committee chaired by Melania Trump saw all seventeen members resign en masse, including a famous face.

The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities lists First Lady Melania Trump as its “Honorary Chairman” but as of today she might have to change her title to “The Only One Still Here.” Earlier today actor Kal Penn tweeted a joint resignation letter signed by sixteen of the committee members (link). Later in the day he posted an updated version which was signed by all seventeen members. That means, apart from Melania and her honorary position, there is now literally no one left on the committee. So how did Donald react?

In response, the White House put out a statement insisting that Donald Trump was planning to disband the committee anyway (link). That prompted Kal Penn to react sarcastically, tweeting “Lol Donald Trump you can’t break up with us after we broke up with you LMFAO” (link). But it turns out this mass resignation is more than merely symbolic.


Penn later added that Per Politico, PCAH is an official agency, that makes this the 1st White House department to resign” (link). This can’t be overstated: Donald Trump took such a distressingly racist position in support of white supremacists that an entire White House department unanimously resigned in protest. Trump seemed to want to make history, and he’s done so – but only by dragging the United States Presidency into never-imagined new depths of embarrassment and humiliation and ignominy. So who will resign in protest of Trump next?

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