Sean Hannity has total meltdown as Robert Mueller brings criminal charges in Trump-Russia scandal

Fox News host Sean Hannity has consistently been Donald Trump’s biggest media apologist – and he’s grown more frantic about this week, as it’s become more clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to begin swinging the indictment hammer. Sure enough, CNN reported on Friday night that Mueller had indeed filed the first criminal charges in the Trump-Russia scandal. This sent Hannity into a total unhinged meltdown.

Sean Hannity did not host his own Fox News show on Friday night, as the Mueller story was breaking. That led some to ask, half jokingly, if perhaps he’d gone into hiding. However it’s commonplace for weeknight cable news hosts to take a Friday night off here and there. Unable to run spin on Trump’s behalf on-air, Hannity took to Twitter and staged his meltdown there.

Hannity’s first tweet was “When will Hillary Clinton be indicted?” That’s right, now that Donald Trump’s Russia scandal has become so serious that people are being indicted and criminally charged, Hannity is randomly insisting that Clinton be indicted for an imaginary uranium scandal. From there Hannity doubled down on the uranium fiction: “Guess;Mueller and Media working hand in hand. Media to be tipped off. Mueller was FBI Director Who knew of Russian crimes before Uranium one.” From there it got worse.

Sean Hannity ended up tweeting “Left needs a dramatic change in the narrative!! Uranium One, Fusion GPS dossier, all out this week. This is a distraction! TICK TOCK….” At this point he was so far off the deep end, he was asserting that the criminal charges against Trump’s co-conspirators were nothing more than a distraction. Then he dissolved into an all-caps meltdown “This has been a HORRIBLE week for Mueller, Special Counsel’s office. THIS IS ALL A DISTRACTION. Monday I’ll have the details. TICK TOCK….!” In reality, that “tick tock” you hear is Hannity’s head exploding.

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