Special Counsel Robert Mueller can seize Donald Trump’s tax returns – and it’s possible he already has

It could be argued that Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey backfired the minute Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to take over the investigation in his place. But now comes confirmation that Trump’s worst nightmare is on the table. Mueller does indeed have the power to seize Trump’s tax returns – and for all we know he may have already done it.

Various prosecutors and legal experts are in unanimous agreement that Robert Mueller can get his hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns if he thinks they’re relevant to the Trump-Russia investigation, according to Politico (link). But here’s the kicker: not only can Mueller legally do it, he can do it without even notifying anyone on Trump’s side.

We’ve seen all along that Donald Trump is so concerned about keeping his tax returns a secret that he was willing to risk losing the election just to avoid releasing them. What’s he hiding? Is he not really a billionaire, as many have theorized based on his massive debt load? Do his returns include Russian financial dealings that would harm him politically if they became public? Die he lie on his returns to cover up illegal behavior, and he’s afraid additional scrutiny will expose it?

Only Donald Trump knows that answer. But what he doesn’t know is if or when Robert Mueller might decide to pull his tax returns, or if Mueller may have done so already. That leaves Trump paralyzed, unable to fire Mueller even if he wanted to be that brazen, for fear that someone in Mueller’s office might leak his tax returns in response. At this point the only way Trump can assure that his tax returns remain secret is if he resigns and cuts a deal to prevent the investigation from digging even deeper. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report