After James Comey’s memo, Donald Trump is ranting and raving and cursing out his staff

Now that Donald Trump’s already chaotic presidency has been thrown into an unprecedented new level of chaos over the past twenty-four hours, one might expect him to have a characteristic total meltdown – and one would be right in that assumption. Inside sources are now acknowledging that Trump is yelling at his White House staffers and cursing them out and completely losing it.

That’s the word from Jon Cooper, the well connected chairman of the Democratic Coalition, who says that according to his White House sources, “Trump is cursing up a storm – ranting and raving. Yelling at staffers & using the “F” word. He’s losing it tonight.”

This all comes just three days before Donald Trump is scheduled to embark on his first – and some are now quipping that it’s potentially his last – overseas trip while occupying the office of the president. Trump is reportedly blaming nearly his entire staff for his own failures in office, including is own son-in-law Jared Kushner (link). Senator John McCain is comparing Trump’s scandal to Watergate (link). Rachel Maddow is confirming a subpoena has been issued against Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort (link). And James Comey says he’s releasing his memos about his conversations with Trump (link).

So it’s not that difficult to grasp why Donald Trump is reportedly having a complete meltdown within the halls of the White House this evening. He may have finally figured out what the rest of us knew all along: his combination of wall to wall corruption and ill temperament were always going to ensure that he wouldn’t last long in this job.

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