Preet Bharara gets last laugh after Michael Flynn sells out Donald Trump

Donald Trump fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in an attempt at sabotaging the investigation into his own various scandals. Since that time, former Trump adviser Michael Flynn has come to face major legal troubles due to his relationship with the government of Turkey. Not coincidentally, Turkey has announced a phony investigation into Bharara. Now that Flynn is selling out Trump and cutting a deal, Bharara is making a point of getting the last laugh.

After the news broke that Flynn was in the process of negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday night, Preet Bharara tweeted “If you’re dead to rights, flipping on others and cooperating with the prosecution is the only sane and rational move. Also, prosecutors accept cooperation only if you can provide “substantial assistance.” Higher up in the food chain. Stay tuned.” When someone pointed out that the Turkey based plea deal had ruined Trump’s Thanksgiving, Bharara tweeted “Pass the stuffing.”

On Friday morning, Donald Trump tweeted that he had spoken with the leader of Turkey by phone. We believe it was a thinly veiled threat aimed at Michael Flynn (link), but at the least, it’s fairly obvious that the call had something to do with the Flynn situation. After the Associated Press tweeted “Trump, Turkish leader, in phone conversation, discuss Syrian crisis,” Bharara sarcastically added “Anything else…?”

At this point Donald Trump has fired Preet Bharara, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey, and several other individuals in the hope of derailing the investigation into his Russia scandal. That all ended up backfiring when Rod Rosenstein, the last man standing at the Department of Justice, appointed Robert Mueller to take over the investigation. Mueller has now arrested Trump’s campaign chairman and is negotiating a deal with Trump’s former National Security Adviser. Those who stood up to Trump are getting closer to getting the last laugh for good.

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