Mike Pence makes another bizarre panic move

What is Mike Pence even doing? First he postponed his planned trip to the Middle East at the last minute, claiming he needed to remain in Washington DC in case the tax scam bill ended up being a tie, even though there were only 99 Senators in town and there couldn’t have been a tie. Then, after the media called him out for the lie, he seemed to try to cover for it by popping up in Afghanistan instead. Now he’s making yet another bizarre panic move.

Pence’s planned trip to Israel in January now has been postponed indefinitely. Why? No one knows. But Pence and his people appear to have made the move so hastily that they didn’t even have a proper excuse prepared. When an Israeli news outlet broke the news, Pence’s office responded by insisting that the trip had not been postponed (link), which we suppose is a way of buying time until they can come up with an excuse for why it has been postponed. So what’s really going on here?

These actions by Mike Pence are self contradictory and just don’t seem to make any sense. First he cancels a high profile overseas trip and lies about the reason, causing many to question if perhaps he was staying home to prepare his own defense in the Trump-Russia scandal as Robert Mueller comes calling. Then he suddenly flies to Afghanistan for an unscheduled photo shoot with U.S. military personnel, seemingly to try to prove that he’s not hunkering down. Now he’s apparently blowing off yet another high profile trip for reasons he doesn’t want to admit to. Why?

When people are backed into a corner, they often begin making a series of panic moves that don’t make any sense. Mike Pence appears to be correcting, then overcorrecting, with no idea what to do. As we’ve reported, it’s become clear that Robert Mueller is targeting Pence for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. It’s safe to assume that every strange decision Pence makes going forward will be at least partially a result of his fear of the inevitable.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report