Palmer Report initiates legal action against libelous fake news site “Modern Liberals”

Considering how high the political stakes currently are for every American, we don’t like having to stop and waste your time or ours on what might be described as inside-the-beltway distractions. But a fake news site run by a man using a fake name has recently been wreaking minor havoc within the liberal corridors of social media, as he’s attempted to build phony credibility for himself by falsely accusing a large number of legitimate and respected liberal news outlets of being “fake news.”

Here’s the summation: there is an individual with an unknown real name who goes by the alias “Manny Schewitz” and previously wrote for a liberal leaning news outlet, which parted ways with him more than a year ago (source link). From our internal communications with various news publishers, we’ve learned that he then tried and failed to get a gig at other publications. Out of apparent frustration, Schewitz (or whatever his real name is) created his own site called “Modern Liberals” which essentially has two purposes: to publish fake news of his own for profit, and to routinely and falsely brand several respected liberal news outlets as being “fake news.”

Here’s a sampling of the headlines from the fake news site Modern Liberals. We’re not going to link to his fraudulent website for obvious reasons, but you can Google any of these headlines and find them on his site. These obviously fake headlines are typical of the majority of his site’s content:

– “Eric Trump In a Real Snit Because Daddy Gave Ivanka The Good White House Office”

– “Dan Quayle Offers Donald Trump Spelling Lessins”

– “Army Corps Of Engineers To Install All-Seeing Eye On Top Of Trump Tower”

– “President-Elect Trump Names Himself As U.S. Diplomat To Russia”

In other words, Modern Liberals is rather obviously a fake news site. Remarkably, this “Manny Schewitz” character is using this same joke of a website to publish libelously phony lists of supposed “fake news” sites that consist entirely of real news outlets. The trouble is, some people fall for these kinds of amateur hijinks, because they don’t know how to spot a fraud when they see one, or how to investigate the phony claims therein. It leaves them in a place of not being sure which news outlets are legitimate. Further confusion is created when they’re tricked into sharing one of these phony lists with their friends and contacts. So as a guide point for those have recently been affected by these ongoing antics from this “Schewitz” con artist, we’ve opted to set the record straight here.

We’re also announcing that we’ve initiated legal action against the culprit – and that the only reason he hasn’t yet been served legal papers is that his fake name and dubious background are making it a prolonged process for our attorney to identify and find him. Opinions are covered under free speech. For instance those who believe Palmer Report is a lousy news outlet, or has an ugly logo, are within their rights to say so if that’s how they feel. But lies aimed at harming others are not opinions; such lies are legally defined as libel, which is a crime under civil law. And it is a lie Schewitz for to refer to Palmer Report and other real news outlets as being “fake news.”

Schewitz (or whatever his real name) is purposely wreaking havoc and sowing confusion across the political social media landscape for his own enjoyment. Palmer Report is currently seeing all time high traffic levels, and our reputation remains intact despite this individual’s ongoing and increasingly libelous antics against us. But he’s left so many people on social media tricked and confused, many of whom have then brought it to our attention, we feel compelled to put him out of his misery. We’re also coordinating with some of the other respected news outlets on his phony list, in order to expedite the legal action against him.

In the mean time, if you encounter an article from “Modern Liberals” which claims a bunch of other news outlets are fake, be aware of the following: Modern Liberals is a site full of truly fake news. It’s run by a con artist who goes by a fake name. His attacks on real news outlets are an attempt at creating the appearance of legitimacy for his fake news site.

If you see anyone quoting Modern Liberals as if it were valid evidence that other news outlets are “fake,” do that person a favor and intervene by explaining to them that Modern Liberals is the fake news site – and that its con artist owner is facing legal action for his criminal antics. Point them to the numerous obviously fake headlines on Modern Liberals as proof that it’s a scam site. Feel free to post a link to this article in reply to any “Modern Liberals” nonsense claims you encounter on social media. Together we can end this malicious attempt at smearing the reputations of a number of respected liberal news outlets, at a time when legitimate political reporting is too important to be sabotaged in such a manner.