Yet another Donald Trump official resigns amid controversy

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The Donald Trump administration has been so chaotic and unstable during its first ten months, controversial resignations and firings have been the only constant. Now yet another key player in the Trump White House has resigned, and as per usual, it comes amid controversy and public backbiting. Considering the nonstop ethics violations that Trump and his administration have committed, this particular resignation also comes with a healthy heaping of irony.

This time around we’re seeing the resignation of Trump White House ethics lawyer James Schultz, according to a new Politico report (link). Cue the jokes about no one knowing that the historically corrupt Donald Trump administration even had an ethics lawyer. But it’s a crucial role in any White House, particularly in a troubled one. For instance Richard Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer toward the end of the George W. Bush administration, and he’s credited with having cleaned up its problems. However, Trump’s White House ethics lawyer is going in the other direction.

James Schultz is resigning awfully quickly after less than a year, but he’s insisting that this was somehow his plan all along. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that the Trump administration was willing to hire someone to a key position who told them in advance that he would quit after ten months, but hey, anything is possible. Either way, the real upshot is that Schultz is trying to create controversy on his way out the door by taking a public shot at former Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub, who resigned in protest of Trump’s nonstop ethics violations.

Regardless of the real reason White House ethics lawyer James Schultz is bailing so early, he now joins a long list of people who have resigned from the Donald Trump White House amid controversy or scandal. That list includes Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon and too many others to list here. Update: since the resignation of Schultz earlier today, there has been yet another high profile resignation.

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