Here’s near-proof that Donald Trump knew his son Donald Jr was meeting with the Kremlin that day

Now that Donald Trump Jr. has almost surreally admitted to having met with a Kremlin representative to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton, he’s on the legal hook for somewhere between collusion and treason. But based on what else is documented to have taken place that same day, there is strong evidence that Donald Trump was well aware of his son’s meeting – meaning that Trump is on the hook for son’s crimes.

The New York Times, which broke the story of the Trump Jr meeting, says that it took place on June 9th at Trump Tower in New York. During most days of the election cycle, Donald Trump would have been out on the road campaigning. But on June 9th, he was at the Four Seasons hotel, just five hundred feet away, according to an NBC News article that was published at the time (source). Moreover, Trump Sr held a meeting of his own that day which included Paul Manafort – who also attended the Russia meeting with Trump Jr.

It’s still not clear which of the two meetings took place first that day. Bizarrely, Donald Trump bragged during his (fundraising) meeting that he wouldn’t need as much money to beat Hillary Clinton in the election “as people think.” And again, this was either directly before or directly after Trump’s son met with the Kremlin a block away and discussed how to discredit Clinton.

Donald Trump will now be forced to try to make the case that he somehow didn’t know his son Donald Trump Jr. was holding a meeting down the street with the Kremlin. If he can’t sell the mainstream general public on that idea, then he’s completely screwed – not just in a political sense, but also in a legal sense. Trump’s son committed treason down the street from him, and he almost certainly knew it was happening.

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