H.R. McMaster caught lying while disputing story that Donald Trump gave classified info to Russians

After the Washington Post reported this evening that Donald Trump gave highly classified information to the Russians during their recent White House meeting, the New York Times confirmed the same. This represents arguably the most serious accusation ever leveled against a sitting President. Trump sent National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster out to defend him – but McMaster was quickly caught lying.

McMaster is largely viewed as a stand-up guy, with distinguished military record, leaving some surprised that he was even willing to take the job. Trump seemed to think that trotting him out would lend an air of credibility to the denial, particularly McMaster claims he was in the room with Trump and the Russians. But during his brief forty-eight second statement, McMaster flat out lied about what the Washington Post story was reporting to begin with.

The WaPo merely claimed that Trump gave away classified intel to the Russian government representatives (link). But H.R. McMaster declared that “The story that came out tonight, as reported is false” and then went on to justify his assertion by stating that “At no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed” (video). But that’s not what the Washington Post reported to begin with.

McMaster used the rhetorical trick of falsely accusing the newspaper article of having reported something even more severe, so he could then shoot down that more severe matter. But in so doing, by default he lied about what was in the Washington Post report. And so now, in one last ditch effort at fending off a Russia scandal that has the United States on the brink of falling into pure chaos, Trump has somehow convinced H.R. McMaster to ruin his career-long reputation in mere span of forty-eight seconds. Trump is going down; how many more people will he take with him?

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