Longtime U.S. ally Jordan threatens Donald Trump with “catastrophic” consequences

Donald Trump has a problem when it comes to Jordan, the longtime United States ally in the Middle East, and it goes beyond the mere fact that Trump doesn’t appear to know the King of Jordan’s name. Despite its status a key U.S. ally in the region for decades, the government of Jordan is now warning and threatening Donald Trump if he dares to take the action in the region which he says he intends to.

Trump and his pick for Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, have stated that they intend to move the United States Embassy in the nation from its current location in Tel Aviv to the widely disputed city of Jerusalem. Although Jordan has been a key U.S. ally under the reign of the late King Hussein and the current King Abdullah II, and Jordan recognizes the sovereignty of Israel, it does not accept the idea of the U.S. Embassy moving to Jerusalem. In fact Jerusalem used to be under the control of Jordan. And now the nation is directly threatening Trump over the matter.

So just what is Jordan threatening Donald Trump with if he moves the Israeli embassy? The specifics aren’t clear, according to Newsweek. But the government of Jordan is using rhetoric like “red line” and “catastrophic implications” – which is a remarkable development considering Jordan’s traditionally conciliatory stance toward the United States.

During a republican primary debate last year Chris Christie claimed to have a strong current working relationship with “King Hussein” (who died back in 1999) instead of King Abdullah II, and neither Donald Trump nor any of the other GOP candidates jumped on the obvious opportunity to correct him – suggesting they didn’t know any better. Considering that Trump has just turned a U.S. ally into a screaming enemy, now might be a good time for him to learn the current King’s name.

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