Donald Trump’s lazy incompetence directly led to Robert Mueller getting his emails

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Donald Trump isn’t merely an illegitimately elected president with authoritarian ambitions and personal loyalty to a foreign enemy. He’s also lazily incompetent. He spends most of his time watching cable news or playing golf. He hasn’t bothered to fill numerous crucial government positions. He’s surrounded himself with sycophantic staffers who are as bumbling as he is. Now it turns out Special Counsel Robert Mueller got a major leg up on Trump because of that lazy ineptitude.

Last night it was revealed that all along, Mueller has secretly had every Trump transition team email. He was interviewing Trump’s people about the Trump-Russia scandal, not because he wanted to learn something from them, but because he wanted them to incriminate themselves by lying about what was in those emails. So how did Mueller get the fifty thousand emails in question? He simply asked the General Services Administration to turn them over. Trump had put one of his own people in place at the GSA, presumably in order to specifically stop this kind of thing from happening. Then the guy got sick and died.

According to various major media outlets, Mueller asked the GSA for the emails in question back in August. Back in May, Trump had appointed Richard W. Beckler, one of his own loyalists, as the General Counsel of the GSA (link). It would have been Beckler’s job to fight back against Mueller in the name of preventing those emails from being turned over. But when Beckler became seriously ill and could no longer show up for the job, neither Trump nor his people bothered to put another loyalist in his place (link). This allowed Mueller to get what he wanted without any hassle.

If Donald Trump and his handlers had been on top of this, they might have been able to significantly delay Robert Mueller’s acquisition of the incriminating emails in question. Instead, Mueller has had them for months. For that matter, Trump and his people are so clueless, they weren’t even aware that the GSA had turned them over. That ineptitude may prove to be Trump’s undoing.

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