Laurence Tribe: there’s evidence coming of Trump Russia collusion and “you can take that to the bank”

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Donald Trump has spent the past ten days acting as if he believes a bombshell story is about to break which confirms he and his campaign colluded with the Russian government to rig the election. He’s been using the word “collusion” repeatedly. He’s been creating bizarre new scandals for himself every morning, to try to distract from what he thinks is about to drop on him. But now you no longer have to take Trump’s word for it that the bombshell is on its way.

Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has seen more classified evidence on the matter than his fellow committee members, and of course he’s seen far more evidence than the public has. To that end, Schiff has said “I believe there’s evidence of both collusion and obstruction in Trump-Russia probe.” That led Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe to weigh in on the matter.

Tribe, considered one of the foremost legal and constitutional experts in the United States, responded to Schiff’s words by stating the following: “When Adam Schiff says there’s evidence of both collusion & obstruction, you can take that to the bank.” (link). He then added for emphasis: “Trump beware!” This comes even as some of what’s coming has begun to hit the newswires piecemeal, and one explanation has emerged for why it hasn’t yet dropped.

Late last week the Wall Street Journal identified recently deceased Republican operative Peter W. Smith as having been a key figure in the Trump-Russia collusion effort, but it seemed to be holding back from something bigger. But then today came a report that newspapers are temporarily sitting on the bombshell in coordination with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s efforts (link). So just when will this fabled Trump-Russia bombshell hit the wires? That’s still not clear. But now Adam Schiff, Laurence Tribe, and Donald Trump himself all seem to think it’s indeed coming.

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