Kamala Harris gets Jeff Sessions to slip up and make major admission about his Russian meetings

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has insisted for months that his meetings during the election with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were part of his regular Senator duties, and not in his role as a Donald Trump campaign adviser. Sessions managed to cling to that assertion, however thinly, throughout most of the way through his testimony today. But then Senator Kamala Harris stepped to the plate.

Kamala Harris has consistently shown no hesitation to ask tough questions during the Trump-Russia hearings, or to demand an answer when a witness tries to avoid answering a question. This led Jeff Sessions to revert back to his most consistent tactic of the day, which was to pretend he can’t remember almost anything that he’s ever said or done. But Harris kept pushing him as to the details of his multiple meetings with the Russian Ambassador. That’s when Sessions slipped up and seemed to admit something crucial.

“So much of this was in the fast-pace of the campaign,” Jeff Sessions said to Kamala Harris, as an excuse for why he can’t seem to remember anything about his Russia meetings. But in so doing, Sessions admitted that his Russia meetings took place within the context of the campaign. This obliterates his longtime claim that his meetings with Kislyak had nothing to do with the campaign, and were merely part of his Senate duties.

Even as Kamala Harris came away victorious from her confrontation with a shrinking Jeff Sessions, the exchange marked an all too familiar pattern: a Republican Senator interrupted her and tried to lecture her on how to conduct her line of questioning. This is not the first time this month in which Harris has been interrupted in this manner. The Republicans do not appear to be helping their cause by demonizing Harris as she continues to rise. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.