June 6th: Donald Trump’s Day From Hell

Donald Trump has had some bad with a few good moments in them, and some bad days that were just mundanely bad. Then there was the matter of June 6th, 2017. Anything that could have gone wrong for Trump, did go wrong. From his Attorney General, to his son, to money laundering subpoenas, to more resignations, you name it – today was Donald Trump’s Day From Hell.

Things started off poorly when the news broke that Donald Trump stole money from a kids’ cancer charity run by his son Eric Trump. That’s the kind of cartoonish headline that you’d expect The Simpsons to craft about Mr. Burns, and yet it actually happened in real life to Trump today – as we covered here.

Then came word that several major law firms have refused to take on Donald Trump as a client in his Russia scandal. Among the reasons: the firms also represent banks that have received subpoenas regarding Trump and money laundering. In other words, Trump is going to get nailed on money laundering – as we explained here.

With Donald Trump already running out of allies to protect him from his Russia scandal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has offered to resign. Trump is upset that Sessions recused himself, Sessions seems to have had enough, and so one of the few seemingly unbreakable alliances in Trump’s crumbling White House is now in tatters – as we covered here.

The last thing Trump needs is to lose even more top people from his administration, because he’s been unable to replace nearly everyone he’s lost thus far. But the USPTO Director resigned today, as we covered here.

And because the day started with bad news about Donald and Eric Trump, it fittingly ended there as well, with the news that the winery run by Eric Trump has ties to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak – as we covered here. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.