Trump-Russia investigation is formally targeting Jill Stein

She spent the entire 2016 election inexplicably pushing pro-Russia policies at the expense of the United States. She traveled to Moscow and had dinner with Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn. She kept insisting that Americans would somehow be worse off with Hillary Clinton than they would be with Donald Trump. If you’ve spent all year waiting for fringe leftist pariah Jill Stein to be investigated as part of the Trump-Russia scandal, that moment has finally arrived.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked Jill Stein to turn over all documents relevant to the Trump-Russia scandal, according to a new BuzzFeed report (link). This does not mean that Stein is guilty of being an active participant in the Trump-Russia conspiracy to rig the election. But at the very least she’s a material witness, based on her dinner with Putin and Flynn in December of 2015, and this move by the Senate suggests there may be more to it.

The key question here is why the Trump-Russia investigation is just now targeting Jill Stein. The publicly available evidence, which is eye-popping but circumstantial, has been in plain public view all along. This move suggests that it’s focused on something else about Jill Stein and Russia that’s not publicly available. Considering that Flynn just cut a plea deal weeks ago, it’s possible – but not a given – that investigators have learned something new about Stein from Flynn.

At this point Donald Trump is under criminal investigation, Jill Stein is under criminal investigation, and Michael “Lock Her Up” Flynn has pleaded guilty to a felony. You know who’s not under investigation? Hillary Clinton. After the Republican Party badgered the FBI into looking into her perfectly legal use of email, she was ultimately fully exonerated. In the end, just about everyone in the 2016 election could end up on prison but Hillary.

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