After Michael Flynn deal is finalized, James Comey taunts Donald Trump religiously on Twitter

Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn officially sold him out this morning, cutting a plea deal and testifying that Trump ordered him to secretly communicate with the Russian government during the election. In the wake of the news, former FBI Director James Comey – who was fired by Trump for trying to investigate the Russia scandal – took the opportunity to religiously taunt Trump on Twitter. Literally.

Comey used his Twitter account around noontime to quote the Bible of all things, focusing in on Amos 5:24: “But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.” This comes just two days after Comey quoted Winston Churchill by tweeting “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” So what’s Comey trying to tell us?

First, he clearly feels vindicated for having pursued the Trump-Russia scandal so vigorously for so long. Now that Trump is being proven guilty of having conspired with Russia during the election, this also proves that Trump obstructed justice when he fired Comey, meaning that the firing was unjustified and should not have happened. Many will say that James Comey got what he deserved, after he misled the public eleven days before the election by releasing a letter which falsely implied Hillary Clinton was newly under investigation for her emails, when that was not the case.

James Comey and the FBI also spent the election trying to keep their Trump-Russia investigation a secret in order to preserve the sanctity of the case, which led voters to go into election day under the mistaken impression that Clinton was the criminal instead of Trump. Comey’s legacy will end up being a mixed one at best. But on this day, he clearly feels justified and vindicated – or perhaps he’s just really excited to see Trump going down.