Impeach him: it’s taken Donald Trump just nine days to violate national security protocol

During the tenure of Barack Obama, I’ve often had to remind conservatives that they can’t impeach a President just because they don’t like him. Now that the erratic and extremist Donald Trump has inexplicably become the “president-elect” of the United States, I’ve had to remind the American majority who oppose him that he would need to actually do something wrong before he can be impeached. But it turns out it’s only taken him nine days to do something impeachable.

Even though Donald Trump has been largely hiding in his apartment in Trump Tower since “winning” a job which based on his demeanor, even he doesn’t seem to want, he’s still being afforded all of the benefits of the job. If he wants a secure phone line to run directly into his apartment so that he can conduct presidential business from there, the government will immediately make it happen for him. But instead, Trump has been taking phone calls (supporting source: Salon) from foreign leaders via his own personal cellphone – and that’s a violation of national security protocol.

It that an actual crime, the kind they lock you up for? Let’s just say that it’s far more severe breach of national security than Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. And it’s the kind of wrongdoing with Congress can in fact use as the basis for impeaching him. Keep in mind that “impeachment” doesn’t necessarily mean removal from office. It’s simply a hearing which can last a year or more, and ties up a president from being able to accomplish much or any of his agenda in the mean time.


There is the separate question of whether the Republicans in Congress would be willing to work together with the Democrats in Congress to put Donald Trump through an impeachment trial. As of today, the answer is no. But Trump’s approval rating is already historically low for a president-elect. If he becomes even more unpopular, the GOP will be more willing to sell him out in order to avoid being taken down with him. And now Trump has already done something which can be used as the basis for impeachment.

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