Hundreds of pages of new details on Trump-Russia dossier and Pee Pee Tape are on verge of being released

Over the past year, large chunks of the infamous Trump-Russia dossier have been proven, and not one word of it has been disproven, yet the mainstream media has still continued to refer to it as “unverified” for no good reason. Now it turns out we’re on the verge of getting hundreds of pages of additional details and supporting evidence in relation to that dossier.

The Trump-Russia dossier was assembled by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele at the behest of an opposition research company named Fusion GPS. It alleged that the Russian government spent years cultivating Donald Trump while also building up blackmail material on him (including the mythical “Pee Pee Tape”), and that the Trump campaign and Russia actively colluded to rig the election in Trump’s favor. Partly because the dossier was so widely and baselessly antagonized by the mainstream media, thus creating the false perception that it had been “debunked” or discredited, it’s taken until now for Congress to get around to formally addressing it. But that changed in a big way this week.

Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in what ended up being ten hours of closed hearings on Monday. The upshot is that the company firmly stands behind the research in the Trump-Russia dossier. Now the public has begun calling for transcripts of the testimony to be released. Simpson has said he has no problem with his testimony being released. Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican Chair of that committee, was asked about it during a town hall tonight.

Rachel Maddow ended up airing the relevant portion of that town hall during her MSNBC show. Grassley affirmed that he’ll have the committee vote on whether to release the transcripts, and he stated that barring any hang-ups, he doesn’t see any reason why he won’t vote “yes” himself. The committee has eleven Republicans and nine Democrats, so it would only take Grassley and one other Republican voting “yes” (along with all of the Democrats) for the transcripts to be released.


This means we’re on the verge of getting our hands on ten hours of testimony about the Trump-Russia dossier, the Pee Pee tape, and everything else alleged in it. Ten hours of testimony roughly translates to around five hundred pages of transcripts. And so unless Chuck Grassley goes back on his word, we’re about to learn what the real story is behind everything that the dossier says.

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