Donald Trump says Americans are “haters and fools” – and asks Vladimir Putin for help

Hours after Donald Trump sent his already collapsing presidency into total freefall by publicly siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin and against the United States intelligence community, Trump found a way to make it even worse for himself. On Saturday evening he launched into his most inexplicably demented Twitter meltdown to date, in which he called people everything from “haters and fools” to “short and fat.”

Trump incredibly tweeted “When will all the haters and fools out there realize that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. There always playing politics – bad for our country. I want to solve North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, terrorism, and Russia can greatly help!” (To be clear, he used “There” instead of “They’re” in his tweet.) The latest polls say that the majority of Americans now believe the Trump campaign and Russia conspired with each other during the election, meaning that Trump is calling the majority of Americans “haters and fools.”

In that same breath, Trump flatly asked Russia for help. Just in case it wasn’t blatant enough, another Trump tweet spelled out that he’s specifically seeking help from Putin: “Met with President Putin of Russia who was at APEC meetings. Good discussions on Syria. Hope for his help to solve, along with China the dangerous North Korea crisis. Progress being made.” Who cares what he’s asking for help with, the bottom line is that he’s now asking Putin for help, in two consecutive tweets, just hours after publicly aligning himself with Putin against the United States.

Donald Trump then went on to misspell two different words before randomly insisting that Hillary Clinton was a poor speller. Then he threw a fit because North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had called him “old”, firing back that Kim is “short and fat,” before declaring “I try so hard to be his friend.” Trump is in need of immediate professional psychological help.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report