All five living former U.S. Presidents to make joint public appearance tonight

As major hurricanes began ravaging various regions of the United States and it became clear that the Donald Trump administration wasn’t going to come close to providing a proper disaster response, all five living former U.S. Presidents came together to unveil a charitable foundation called One America Appeal. Since that time they’ve begun condemning Trump in semi-coordinated fashion, suggesting they have much more up their sleeves. Tonight, all five of them will be making a joint public appearance together.

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama will be the special guests at tonight’s One America Appeal benefit concert in Texas – which will benefit the victims of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The musical lineup mostly consists of country music acts, including Alabama, Lyle Lovett, and Lee Greenwood. But even as funds are being raised for charity, all eyes will be on the five Presidents to determine what they’re really up to.

Earlier this week George W. Bush, the most conservative of the five former Presidents, delivered a blistering speech condemning Donald Trump. Then almost immediately afterward, Barack Obama gave an anti-Trump speech of his own. This couldn’t have been a coincidence, and it points to a degree of coordination in their messaging. This has only served to further the expectation that there’s more to the five-way partnership than simply charity work, making tonight intriguing.

Due to the charitable nature of tonight’s concert, you can expect the five former Presidents to keep the entire thing cordial. This will be, in effect, their coming out party for their alliance. Once the American public becomes comfortable with the idea of its former leaders coming together to speak with one authoritative voice, we may soon find out what they’re planning when it comes to deposing Donald Trump.

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