FBI is now looking into Donald Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz, and his law license may be revoked

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Donald Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz is having a bad week. Trump’s son has publicly confessed to criminally conspiring with the Russian government to try to rig the election in Trump’s favor, in the scandal Kasowitz is supposed to be defending Trump against. And Trump is reportedly ignoring Kasowitz’s legal advice entirely. But things just got even worse for Kasowitz – much worse – by his hand.

After ProPublica reported negative details about Marc Kasowitz yesterday (link) and Rachel Maddow mentioned the article on-air last night, one of her viewers emailed Kasowitz and politely encouraged him to resign for the good of the country. Kasowitz replied back and profanely threatened the person, asserting that he knew where the person lived, and implied that he would hunt him down and do harm to him. That person then gave Kasowitz’s emails to ProPublica (link). Now, according to Maddow, the individual has filed a complaint against Kasowitz with the FBI. And according to Lawrence O’Donnell, the FBI will look into it.

So now the FBI is looking into Donald Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz for making threats against some random person who emailed him, after Trump hired Kasowitz to defend him in an FBI investigation. Trump’s other attorney Michael Cohen has already had to hire his own attorney to represent him in the Russia scandal. Now it appears Kasowitz may also fit the bill of being a Trump attorney who has to hire his own attorney. But it gets even worse for him.

O’Donnell believes that Marc Kasowitz’s threatening emails are enough for the State of New York to disbar him. If that happens, it’ll mean Kasowitz will no longer be able to represent Donald Trump because he’ll no longer be a licensed attorney. Come to think it, the only reason Kasowitz can’t also be disbarred in Trump’s current residence of Washington DC is that he doesn’t have a license to practice law there to begin with.

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