Trump family meltdown: Ivanka Trump, Donald Jr, and Eric’s wife Lara all go off the stupidity deep end

Donald Trump’s three oldest children seem to be in a constant state of competition against each other. The trouble: they think they’re competing to see who can be the most impressive, when they’re actually competing to see who can come off as the most stupid. Over the past twenty-four hours we’ve seen Ivanka, Donald Junior, and Eric’s wife Lara all find striking new ways to go off the stupidity deep end.

First there was Lara Trump, who insisted that she had read the transcript of Donald Trump’s phone call to the pregnant widow of a fallen U.S. soldier. Lara insisted that Trump hadn’t said anything offensive to the widow, even as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was at the podium insisting that there was no transcript. It’s not clear who’s lying here (likely Lara and Sarah both), but the blame here goes on Lara. She’s not an official White House voice, so it was her responsibility to clear her words with official channels to make sure she wasn’t stupidly making them all look like liars.

Then there was Donald Trump Jr, who threw a fit when a CNN commentator pointed out that his father has a natural tendency to attack black people and minorities. Junior retorted “You mean like Goodell, McCain, low energy Jeb!, Scarborough, John Kasich, Biden, Comey, Chuck Todd, Flake, Corker.. etc need 240 characters.” He appears to be stupid enough to believe that by listing off the white people his father has inappropriately attacked, it means his (more commonplace) attacks on minorities aren’t racist.

Then came Ivanka Trump, who may have done the most stupid thing of all – though she did it months ago and she just now got caught in the act. She left her work with the discredited Donald Trump Foundation off her security clearance form (link), presumably because her father’s fake charity is under criminal investigation.

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