Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin desperately plot their endgame

Even as Donald Trump desperately tries to sell the American public on the idea that he hasn’t actually been conspiring with Russian President Vladimir Putin all this time, Trump just keeps inventing new ways to conspire with Putin. As the Russia scandal exploded, he staged a two week trip to Asia as an excuse to meet with Putin in Vietnam. Now Trump has found an even more transparent way to conspire with Putin so they can presumably plot their endgame.

Trump and Putin have spoken by phone twice in four days. It’s not unusual for the leaders of the United States and Russia to remain in contact on various important issues. But in this instance, both phone calls were for no good reason. After the first phone call, Trump claimed that Putin had essentially called him to congratulate him on the rising U.S. stock market. Once you’re done laughing at that excuse, we’ll tell you that the second phone call was supposedly so that Putin could thank Trump for doing such a great job with the CIA. Nevermind that Trump hates the entire U.S. intel community.

So we know these two jokers are trying to cover up whatever they’ve really been discussing. Based on what’s going on around them, it’s pretty clear they’ve been trying to figure out what to do about the Trump-Russia scandal. Four of Trump’s own people have already been arrested in the scandal, and it’s expected that his son-in-law could be arrested as soon as next week. Putin has his own problems, as the powerful Russian oligarchs continue to be unhappy about the financial sanctions that the U.S. has slapped on Russia as a result of Putin’s antics.

The thing is, there’s no easy fix for either one of them. Donald Trump is the most unpopular first-year U.S. President in the history of polling, and the only one in danger of going to prison for crimes along the lines of treason. Vladimir Putin will never get U.S. sanctions lifted until Trump is long gone and Putin has done a whole lot to make things right. Neither man can win, and even survival is becoming more difficult. So what endgame are they plotting?

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