Ivanka Trump’s latest move reveals she might actually be the dumbest Trump kid of all

We all know the popular perception by now: Eric Trump is the dumb one who know he’s dumb. Donald Trump Jr is the dumb one who thinks he’s smart. Ivanka Trump is, relatively speaking, the smart one of the bunch. As it turns out, not so much when it comes to Ivanka. She just revealed that she doesn’t know how elections work, or how voting works, or how the post office works, or how time works.

Several members of the Trump family tried to cast absentee ballots in last month’s election for New York City Mayor. We say “tried” because most of them found a way to screw it up. Melania Trump failed to sign her envelope, thus invalidating her ballot. Jared Kushner requested an absentee ballot but never mailed it in. Donald Trump, in the latest sign that he’s gone completely senile, got his own birthday wrong. But that’s nothing compared to how Ivanka managed to screw it up.

Ivanka mailed her absentee ballot on election day, according to a New York Daily News report (link). She thought she could put a ballot in the mail on the day of the election, and it would somehow magically arrive in a different part of the country on that same day, and be counted when the polls closed. Does she think the post office has a time machine?

Yes, we’re making a point of making fun of Ivanka Trump for a simple mistake. But really, who mails an absentee ballot on election day? At least Kushner had the sense to not bother mailing it in once he realized it was too late. Oh, and did we mention that Donald Trump no longer knows when his own birthday is? America’s white trashiest family just keeps finding new ways to look even dumber.

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