Donald Trump’s friends are making increasingly desperate excuses for his deteriorating cognitive abilities

Anyone who has been paying attention to Donald Trump’s words and behavior is aware that he’s suffering from worsening cognitive issues. He struggles to put together a coherent sentence of his own. He comatosely reads prepared speeches off teleprompters in a manner which suggests he has no idea what he’s reading. He gets confused and wanders off in the middle of his own public appearances. Whatever is going wrong with Trump, it’s growing so severe that his own friends are now going to absurd lengths to try to explain it away.

It began when Trump’s friend Alex Jones, known for spinning deranged phony conspiracies in Trump’s favor, felt compelled to spin one about Trump himself. Jones asserted that Trump is being drugged by his own staffers in order to keep him compliant; this is supposed to explain why Trump increasingly appears confused and out of it and unable to speak properly during public appearances. Jones is either a whack job or he pretends to be one, so his claims can be dismissed automatically. But the upshot is that even Jones feels the need to cover for Trump’s worsening condition – and he’s not the only one now doing so.

Another longtime Trump friend, Roger Stone, who is just as far out into the ether as Alex Jones but more likely to keep his shirt on while ranting, is now pushing the same story. Stone appeared on Jones’ InfoWars show to assert that he’s heard from multiple sources of his own that Trump is being covertly drugged.

Stone is accusing General John Kelly of being behind it, which is a shamefully baseless assertion. But now we have two of Trump’s friends, who speak with him privately on a regular basis and are aware of what condition he’s truly in, feeling compelled to float absurd excuses to try to cover for him. Whatever worsening mental capacity issues Trump is suffering from, it may be even worse than we’ve publicly seen.

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