Donald Trump got confused and wandered off again

This would be funny, if it were a sitcom. This would be unfortunate, if it were happening to a real life family member. But instead, this is happening to a guy who’s already a malignant sociopath, and who occupies the office of President of the United States for however long it lasts: Donald Trump got confused and wandered off yet again. That’s not a metaphor, and it’s not a joke. This is really happening. The “President” is fading by the minute.

By our count this at least the third time in which Donald Trump has been caught on video losing his mental faculties and vacantly wandering off into nowhere, like he was an infant or a puppy, only to be chased after by handlers who were desperately trying to get him back on course. And that’s just on video. This is likely happening ten times more often behind closed doors. And when you consider how thoroughly he’s now limiting his public appearances, and how hard his handlers have worked to keep the cameras away from him, it’s nothing short of alarming.

Watch this video of Donald Trump stepping off Air Force One, taking one look at a limousine that was obviously for him, and then deciding to randomly stray away from it for a good thirty feet, as if he had no idea where he was or who he was:

Did he think the Presidential motorcade parked next to Air Force One was for some other President of the United States? Was he even aware that the limo was in front of him? Is this senility? If so, what kind? How much worse will it soon get? Did he know where he was when he wandered off in the midst of a joint press conference with Netanyahu last month, or when he wandered out of an Oval Office signing ceremony without signing anything? Is there anything left in his deteriorating head? Donald Trump got confused and wandered off yet again. And somehow, it’s not funny.

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