Donald Trump caught using Obama inauguration photo as his Twitter cover photo

It looks like Donald Trump’s misadventures on Twitter will continue unabated now that he’s been sworn in. He’s now taken over the official @POTUS Twitter account from Barack Obama, and though he hasn’t yet used it for anything, he’s already created a bizarre controversy. For his cover photo at the top of his Twitter page, he chose an inauguration photo. The trouble: it was a photo of Barack Obama’s inauguration from 2009.

To be clear, this wasn’t some leftover remnant from when Obama had control of the @POTUS account. There are currently no tweets on that account, meaning that Trump and his people either had every one of Obama’s tweets individually deleted, or they deleted the entire account and started fresh. Either way, it’s essentially a brand new account for Trump to use. And as caught by Slate, his very first move was to put up a picture of Obama’s inauguration across the top of the page.

Trump and his people have since changed the cover photo to a more generic American flag. But it raises the question of why or how they ended up using an Obama inauguration photo as the cover photo. Perhaps it’s because virtually no one showed up for Trump’s own inauguration, and he certainly couldn’t use a photo of that.