Donald Trump launches desperate last ditch bid to prevent his advisers from flipping on him

At the end of a week which saw his own top former White House advisers Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus beginning to cooperate in the investigation against him, Donald Trump is now making a last ditch bid to prevent anyone else from flipping on him. However, the effort appears to be too little too late, and it instead reveals just how nervous Trump has become as the Robert Mueller investigation closes in on him.

Trump is now promising his associates that he’ll chip in $430,000 of his own money to help pay their mounting legal bills, according to an Axios report (link). That’s far too little money to be of much help, considering the sheer number of Trump advisers and associates who have been forced to hire high priced attorneys to represent them in the Trump-Russia scandal. If anything, the report raises questions about how this pittance of money is supposed to be spread around, and whether Trump might try to use it to specifically convince individual witnesses to not flip on him as Mueller corners them. If so, this could constitute obstruction of justice.

Strangely, Axios says that Trump will not pay any of the legal bills for his former National Security Adviser and former campaign foreign policy adviser, Michael Flynn. Why? No one knows. Flynn is considered one of the prime witnesses against Trump, and he’s facing serious criminal charges that could send him to prison for a long time. Why wouldn’t Trump want to motivate Flynn to remain on his side? It raises the question of whether Flynn may already be cooperating against Trump – or perhaps Trump simply thinks Flynn may have flipped on him.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s own legal bills in the Russia continue to be paid by the Republican National Committee, with money it received from a Kremlin oligarch who is using his dual U.S. citizenship to skirt the law. And as has previously been widely reported, Donald Trump is using funds raised for his own phony “2020 reelection” campaign to pay the legal bills of his son, Donald Trump Jr.

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