Here’s just how weakened Donald Trump has become

Donald Trump spent the entire campaign, and the early days of his presidency, as a bully who preemptively threw punches at anyone who might be about to get in his way. Since that time, as he’s failed in office on every level, he’s gradually transformed into what all bullies are under the surface: a cowardly weakling. His latest move (or lack of a move) today serves to underline just how weakened he’s become.

Last night, Senator John McCain used his Liberty Medal acceptance speech to slam Trump for being “half baked” and “unpatriotic.” These were fighting words, and McCain knew it. When one of America’s most famous war heroes accuses the President of the United States of being unpatriotic, it’s got to sting. We’ve all seen Trump attack McCain before, having accused him of not really being a war hero because he was captured. Yet this time around, Trump’s response to McCain was something along the lines of pathetic.

Here was what Trump said about McCain today: “Be careful because at some point I fight back.” (link). That’s it? That’s all this guy has left? He’s threatening to maybe say something mean about McCain down the road, but only if McCain keeps condemning him? This was so weak, it prompted McCain to come right back swinging at him.

John McCain’s response to Donald Trump was “It’s fine with me, I’ve faced some fairly significant adversaries in the past.” This is how weakened Trump has become. He’s desperate to publicly lash out at McCain, but he’s afraid of him. Trump is historically unpopular, his own staff is turning against him, the popular discussion among the public is whether his mental incompetence is too severe for him to remain on the job, and world leaders all think he’s a joke. Now we get to watch McCain eat him for breakfast.

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