Robert Mueller just took a huge warning shot at Donald Trump and his people

Special Counsel Robert Mueller just delivered a thinly veiled and very public message to Donald Trump’s handlers: don’t even think about it. That’s the only way to interpret a stunning and well-timed leak to media on Saturday evening that could only have come from Mueller himself. He just revealed that he’s had incriminating evidence against Trump’s people from the very start – and he just sent a warning shot about what’ll happen if Trump tries to fire him.

All along, Mueller has had every email sent and received by every Trump transition team member, according to a new Axios report (link). This means he has everyone on the transition team nailed who participated, or even knew about, the illegal conspiracy with the Russian government to sabotage President Obama’s sanctions. It means he can arrest them at any time. It means he probably already has sealed indictments against them. It also means something much larger.

Okay, so Mueller has several members of the Trump transition team nailed to the wall. So what? Most of them aren’t working in the White House anyway. But this leak is a clear signal from Mueller that he’s been sitting on a ton of secret evidence all along, against everyone involved. This surely includes the people who are advising Trump as we speak. If Trump begins the process of trying to fire Mueller by firing Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein first, Mueller can have half of Trump’s current team in handcuffs before he can be fired.

This means Donald Trump’s current advisers are playing with fire. If they want to avoid getting arrested, they now have little choice but to make sure Trump doesn’t fire Robert Mueller. In fact, if Trump’s White House doesn’t begin quickly leaking “Maybe Trump won’t fire Mueller after all” stories, it’s likely that Mueller will continue leaking more directly damaging things in order to get his message across. The game is afoot.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report