Donald Trump’s deranged late night meltdown gives away that he knows the walls are closing in on him

Late Thursday and early Friday, Donald Trump began frantically and spitefully trying to destroy everything from health care to the Iran deal, seemingly having concluded that he was going down and he wants to take everyone else down with him. By Friday evening, a pair of bombshells leaked out which revealed just how screwed Trump is. By the end of Friday, Trump was staging a late night meltdown which served to confirm that Trump knows it’s all closing in on him.

First came the news from several major sources on Friday afternoon that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had interviewed Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. This served to demonstrate that Mueller is much further along in his Trump-Russia investigation than had previously been believed, having already worked his way up the chain to Priebus, who is likely to flip on Trump if he’s facing any conspiracy obstruction charges in his own right. Then came a report from NBC News confirming that Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort was $60 million in debt to the Russians during the election, thus greatly increasing the odds that Manafort will end up flipping on Trump as well.

Trump likely had advance notice of both these bombshells, and it helps explain why he angrily retaliated by basically trying to punish the entire country. But Friday night, however, Trump was in full meltdown mode on Twitter. He tweeted “Many people talking, with much agreement, on my Iran speech today. Participants in the deal are making lots of money on trade with Iran!” No one could figure out what he even meant by that.

He then tweeted “Such a wonderful statement from the great Lou Dobbs: ‘We take up what may be the most accomplished presidency in modern American history.'” It almost sounded like he was trying to spin his legacy, now that he knows his presidency is going to prematurely end very badly for him.

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