Mentally vacant Donald Trump brags about his success on a piece of legislation that doesn’t exist

Since Donald Trump’s overseas trip, Palmer Report has been documenting the increasingly frequent number of incidents which have suggested that his mental and physical well being are in freefall. He wandered away with a dead-eyed look on his face during a joint press conference. He was hauled around in a golf cart while other leaders walked. Now Trump has begun bragging about the success he’s achieving with his tax bill, even though no such tax bill exists.

In a normal administration where legislation is being crafted and introduced and advanced left and right, it might be easy for a president to confuse one piece of legislation for another. But in the case of Donald Trump, he and his White House have submitted virtually no legislation to Congress. So there’s no easy explanation for why Trump believes that his tax legislation is advancing well in Congress, as there is no tax legislation – nor is there anything else pending that he could be confusing it with.

Trump said during his televised climate change announcement on Thursday that his tax bill is “moving along in Congress – and I believe it’s doing very well.” The trouble: he’s talking about non existent legislation. He’s introduced no tax bill and Congress has considered no tax bill. And while Trump lies regularly while bragging about his non existent accomplishments, this is different.

Donald Trump now seems to be so far removed from any semblance of reality that there are only two possible explanations. One is that he’s outright hallucinating about imaginary legislation. The other is that his staff is trying to keep his sagging spirits up by feeding him fake good news, and he’s too far gone to realize that he never signed off on any such legislation. Either way, this calls Trump’s mental well being even further into question. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report