How to use your voice in 2018

As Americans, we often take for granted the rights that we have been granted by a Constitution and a Bill of rights. Take for example the Right to Vote. Did you know that roughly 41% of the eligible citizens in America do not even bother? You cannot imagine how important that right is, in Countries where the privilege is something new. I often hear friends and family say: ‘I don’t even bother to vote because it’s pointless.’

The Truth is, It is the only voice you have. It is the only meaningful participation that we have in our form of Government. If we vote, we can change things. If we don’t, We cannot change anything, and it might actually get worse. And for some of us, we know that there are those out there betting on you NOT to vote. Not only that, they are doing everything in their power to try to make it harder for you to vote. Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, Voter I.D. requirements, Voter registration purges, etc etc.

A lot of ugly banter on the right revolves around Voter I.D. They claim that there are illegals voting. Actually, the practice of Voter impersonation is less likely than being struck by lightning twice in the same day. It doesn’t happen. Because it is extremely difficult to do. To do it at the polls it means that you have to know where the supposed voter votes, and you have to show up at the polls before he does.

It is a Crime that has seen but a handful of people who have ever been caught and convicted. But Voter Suppression? It happens by the hundreds of thousands. For me, I am not concerned about Voter I.D. Give me Automatic Registration at Birth and Make Election day a National Holiday, and I will gladly show my I.D. every time I vote.

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