It was always going to get this ugly just before Donald Trump’s end

What, you thought Donald Trump was going to take his impending ouster lying down? You thought the Republican Congress was going sit back and allow Trump to be busted like a piñata before it had a chance to take its last best shot at passing its most corrupt legislation? As we’ve all had to remind ourselves one too many times during this saga, few things work in politics like one would hope. The good news: it was always going to get this ugly near the end. In fact, it’s how we know we’re finally near Trump’s end.

I’ve said from the very start of Trump’s reign that it was going to have to get worse in order to get better – because the things he does that harm America are also the things that harm Trump himself. He’s had to put on a prolonged display of dangerous mental instability just to scare a mere two Republican Senators into forfeiting the remainder of their own careers so they can help with his demise. He’s had to be every bit as horrid as his most cynical detractors predicted, just to drive his approval rating this low. So in the most morbidly perverse sense possible, the more he’s screwed up, and the more he’s screwed us in the process, the closer he’s marched himself toward the door. But now we’re looking at something far more tangible.

Yesterday, one national security expert predicted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is just weeks away from delivering a stunning blow to Trump (link). If you’re looking for confirmation of that, just take a look at how Trump and his remaining loyal Republicans in Congress are suddenly acting this week. They’re trying to invent fake new scandals about Hillary Clinton that read like science fiction. They’re desperate to fend off what they know is soon coming, which is that Mueller will poke such a gaping hole in the side of Trump’s presidency, it’ll no longer be tenable.

This is what happens when a wounded animal senses that a fatal blow is coming. Donald Trump is the dictionary definition of a maniac; of course he was going to start acting like this once he sensed that Mueller was about to jack him. The current Republican Congress is the dictionary definition of corrupt; of course they’re willing to go to any dishonest length to prop up Trump just long enough to pass their corrupt tax giveaway to their wealthy donors. It’s just who these people are.

It was always going to get this ugly once we got near the end – and it’s going to get even uglier as he’s being marched toward the door, because it’s the only way this was ever going to play out. The good news: it’s now getting so ugly, so frantically, it’s how we know we’re near the end. Contribute to Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report