Trump’s White House invents Iranian attack on U.S. ship; Pentagon admits it never happened


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With the details of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russian government now unfolding by the hour, including his lifting of sanctions today on the Russian FSB spy agency which rigged the election for him, it’s become clear that his aggressive theatrics toward other nations like Iran are merely a smokescreen. But what’s notable is that not only is Trump threatening to start a war with Iran in order to distract the public from this own Russian treason, he’s inventing imaginary attacks as justification.

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Early this morning, right around the time news of his lifting of Russian FSB sanctions was leaking out, Donald Trump tweeted the following: “Iran has been formally PUT ON NOTICE for firing a ballistic missile. Should have been thankful for the terrible deal the U.S. made with them!” Put on notice? Is that like putting them in time-out? Trump’s kindergarten level rhetoric aside, the real trouble is that he’s trying to imply that Iran fired a missile at the United States. And then his faux-press secretary Sean Spicer took things even further into “alternative facts” territory when he announced that Iran had taken “actions that it took against our Navy vessel.” Wrong.

Trump is a Russian patsy

The Pentagon itself is now confirming that while there was an attack on a ship in the region, the attackers weren’t Iranians and the ship wasn’t American. In other words, Trump is trying to start a war with Iran based on fake news he invented which is essentially a war crime, and Spicer is complicit in his war crimes. But it gets worse.

Trump is also claiming that the United States “gave” Iran more than a hundred billion dollars, but fact checkers confirm that this never happened. Based on this incident alone, it’s grounds for both Trump and Spicer to resign. And that’s before getting to Trump’s Russian treason.

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