As Robert Mueller closes in, Donald Trump announces one last desperate move involving Vladimir Putin

It was the worst kept secret, because Donald Trump has gone far too senile to keep a secret, and kept publicly hinting at it. Now, one day after he departed for his twelve day overseas trip in Asia, Trump’s White House is making it official in a press release (link): he’ll be meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Asia trip. The official excuse is to discuss North Korea – but we all know damn well what this is really about.

When the week began, Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrested Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort and campaign adviser Rick Gates on criminal charges, while also announcing he already had a guilty plea from Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos. This set off a chaotic chain of events in which Trump campaign official Sam Clovis testified before a grand jury, Trump campaign adviser Carter Page voluntarily confessed to meeting with Russian officials during the election, and pretty much everyone asserted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been lying about the Trump-Russia conspiracy the entire time.

We all know why Donald Trump is suddenly meeting with Vladimir Putin. In fact it’s now fair to ask if Trump’s entire Asia trip was put together as nothing more than an excuse to get Trump and Putin in a room alone together. That way they can discuss how to handle the Trump-Russia scandal that’s suddenly become a Trump-Russia crisis. Manafort is a Russian financial puppet who could expose all of Putin’s dealings. Manafort also knows all of Trump’s secrets.


This meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is now set to be one of the key moments of this entire saga – and perhaps of the century. The corrupt and illegitimate leaders of the United States and Russia will be desperately plotting to try to save themselves as everything collapses around them. Stay tuned.

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