Lock him up: Donald Trump gave code-word classified intel to the Russians during Oval Office meeting

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Well, this might explain why Donald Trump didn’t want any reporters anywhere near his White House meeting with Russian government officials Sergey Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak last week. It turns out Trump shared code-word classified U.S. intelligence with the two Russians during their Oval Office meeting, and the U.S. intel community has been trying to figure out how to handle it ever since.

This stunning revelation comes by way of the Washington Post, which broke the story today that Trump gave U.S. secrets to the Russians that are so highly classified, the U.S. doesn’t even share the information with its own allies (link). This now places the entire Trump-Russia scandal in a new and more dire context, and cements Trump as either being an intentional traitor, or too senile to function.

The U.S. President does have legal authority to declassify information, but based on our own research, the precedent says that he’s supposed to sign a document declassifying the information before sharing it with anyone. But even aside from the debate over whether or not Trump technically broke the law just by speaking the information out loud to outsiders at all, the larger focus here is that he gave the classified intel to a hostile foreign power that just got done rigging the U.S. election in his favor.

Under normal circumstances, this incident would lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings beginning by sundown. But the Republican majority in Congress has mostly been willing to look the other way and allow Donald Trump to commit acts that have ranged from incompetent to dangerous to illegal to traitorous, simply so they don’t have to suffer the ignominy of impeaching a President from their own party. But Trump’s decision to give code-word classified into to the Russians today means he’s a traitor, and any Congressman who refuses to support impeachment is a traitor as well.

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