Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is in a whole lot of legal trouble

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Michael Cohen is suddenly in potentially serious legal trouble after his bank flagged his $130,000 payment to former Trump mistress Stormy Daniels, all but confirming it as a violation of federal election law. So who is Cohen? You remember him. During 2016, shortly after Steve Bannon was made CEO of Donald Trump’s campaign, a very smug Michael Cohen appeared on CNN with host Brianna Keilar. He was there to reassure people that Trump’s campaign was not in crisis. Within minutes, the once-unknown Cohen became a “says Who” superstar. Keilar pointed out that Trump was way behind in the polls.

After a bit of a pause, Cohen asked her, “says who?” Brianna was taken aback and she said “the polls.” Cohen came back with “which ones?” The host stated “all of them.” Without any emotion on his face, he repeated, “says who?” The whole exchange was absolutely hysterical and from then on, I labeled him “says who.”

Since then, Mr Cohen has become better known for his $130,000 payoff to Trump’s former mistress Stormy Daniels. Just like his client, Cohen has trouble telling the truth at times. He says that Trump knew nothing about the hush money. Yeah, right – and I’m Marilyn Monroe. Being an attorney, I’m sure he knows that lying is totally unethical and that he could be stripped of his license to practice law.

From early on, Cohen was a self professed Trump “groupie.” He also has deep ties to the Ukraine, Russia and convicted Russian mafia figure Felix Sater. Sater and Cohen would go on to play intriguingly interconnected roles in the saga linking Donald Trump to vast supplies of dubiously sourced money from Ukraine. The Washington Post reported that Cohen and Sater worked closely during the early phase of Trump’s campaign. They were working towards the development of a Trump Tower in Moscow. On Sater’s advice, Cohen emailed Putin’s personal spokesperson Dmitry Peskov to talk about the project.

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